Robotics Championship Update: Marlbots & Curiosity Win Accolades

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This Saturday, Marlbots and Curiosity traveled to Monrovia to be among the 36 top teams competing in the SoCal Regional Championship. In an exciting and celebratory day of judging and match play, our students represented themselves and Marlborough exceptionally well. All around the pits you could find evidence of how our students impacted the region as a whole, elevating the level of outreach, documentation, and collaboration among all teams. Though our teams did not achieve their goal of being one of the three teams to advance to the World Championship, they can be incredibly proud of their accomplishments this season as well as the following accolades;



Curiosity’s 3rd place Inspire Award makes them the first alternate for advancement to Worlds (if one of the other teams declines or is unable to participate). Our teams were initially devastated by their lack of advancement, but I am proud to report that they rallied and shared a special moment of uplifting sentiment over their journey together. If you see them please congratulate them on their outstanding work this season!

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