Robotics Championship Update: Marlbots & Curiosity Win Accolades

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This Saturday 4/24 the Marlbots and Curiosity competed remotely against 34 top teams at the SoCal FIRST Tech Challenge Regional Championship. With only a couple weeks to prepare, our teams were strategic and each team targeted specific award categories based on their strengths. In a great endorsement of goal planning, their goals aligned perfectly with the outcome. Both Marlbots and Curiosity wowed the judges and collected their targeted awards as well as other accolades. It is worth noting that a team can only win 1st place in one judged award category.



This marks the first time two Marlborough teams have won 1st place in judged awards at the Regional Championship level. In a normal year, both teams would likely advance to the World Championship. However, with Worlds canceled this will mark the end of our official season.

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