Computer Science Education Week 2020

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CS Education Week 2020
December 7-11

Hour of Code

Students from the Code Violet coding club created these awesome coding tutorials! Give them a try, and then enroll in a coding class!
Marlborough Hour of Code 2020


Dr. Kessner wrote this short article the importance of diversity in computer science and how this drives the direction of the computer science curriculum:
Link (Marlborough)
Link (STEM)

Computer Science Alumnae Panel
Tuesday December 8, 12-1pm

Four Marlborough Computer Science alumnae discussed computer science in college and beyond.

Gabi Becher ‘20 graduated last year, completing an Honors Research project where she analyzed North Carolina election data and wrote code to visualize the data on a map. This year Gabi took a gap year and used her data analysis skills in support of Steve Bullock’s Senate campaign in Montana. Kendall Lane ‘18 is studying Computer Science at Cornell and was recently accepted for a 3rd internship at Google. Emma Price ‘18 is studying Computer Science at Northeastern and is also working as a software developer. Bea Jones ‘16 is responsible for naming the coding club “Code Violet”. Bea recently graduated in Computer Science from Vassar College, and she is now working as a software developer at LinkedIn.

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