Computer Science Projects 2021-22

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This year’s student projects are written in a variety of computer programming languages: Processing, Java, Python, Arduino, HTML/CSS/Javascript.

The projects include video games, computer graphics and visual art, music visualizations, math explorations, and visual novels.


Dr. Kessner

P.S.   Our students will be doing the jobs of the future!

AP Computer Science

Rachel ‘26
Playing With Fractals

Creating famous and original fractals with beautiful mathematical properties.

Emma ‘25
The Super Awesome Adventure Game

Jump on platforms, avoid enemies, and climb ladders to reach the destination.

Riley ‘25
The Ultimate School Simulator

A mystery school-based visual novel inspired by a popular mystery game franchise. The premise of the game is to venture through the 3D modeled school and try to find out how to escape as well as find out who committed the various crimes in the plot.

Shaye ‘25
Living Library

Enter the books, finish the books by playing the games, don’t die. :)

Wyeth ‘24
ASL 2048

Combine similar letters to score points.

Melodie ‘24
Archery Arcade

You are an archer lost in a spooky forest and you have one minute to escape by hitting ten targets. You have 100 health and if you are bitten by a Bob you lose 25 health, so to avoid this use the A and D keys to move Amber away from Bobs.

Nina ‘22

Sydney ‘23

Honors Computer Science Projects

Leah ‘22
Flappy Fly

Leela ‘23

Making videogames with Unity.

Lexie ‘23

Lily ‘23
Drawing Booth

Interactive drawing booth based on hand detection.

Senya ‘23
Cranes of Hiroshima Visual Novel

Learn about the bombing of Hiroshima and how it affected the Sasaki family in an interactive, visual novel experience.

Shine ‘22
Hand Recognition Game

You move your index finger to try and collect all the balls to get as many points as possible.

Layla ‘22
Wilbur’s Adventures

Help Wilbur, an immortal pig, solve a mystery and/or find his true love! There will be clues, minigames, and challenges.

Julianne ‘22

Bursts of sound make bursts of color!