Robotics Qualifying Update: Marlbots & Curiosity Advance to Regional Championship

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Over the last several weeks, the four Marlborough Robotics teams were busy preparing for their participation in remote qualifying tournaments and a chance to advance to the Regional Championship. In the robot game, teams operated their robots at Marlborough and submitted match scores remotely. On the final day of each tournament, the teams gathered on Zoom to present their work to judges in a series of virtual interviews. Judges also evaluated each team’s “Engineering Portfolio” which articulated the journey of their season and design process. I am proud to report that all four teams represented themselves extremely well, impressing the judges and earning a number of accolades;

Sunday 3/28: The Marlbots and Cosmos competed remotely and virtually against 21 teams from around the region. Though our robot game performance was middle of the pack, our students wowed the judges and earned the following awards;

Saturday 4/3: Curiosity and Asteria competed virtually in judged categories against 22 other teams from around the region. Our teams had an impressive showing and were recognized in the following ways;

On April 24th Marlbots and Curiosity will represent us (virtually) in the Regional Championship, which will feature the top 36 teams from our SoCal region.

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