About the STEM+ Program at Marlborough

Marlborough STEM+ Program

The STEM+ Program at Marlborough is an interdepartmental effort that seeks to increase student enthusiasm for activities related to science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) and to instill students with a love of creation and problem solving.

The program embraces connections between STEM activities and other areas, for example STEM + Arts. We reach students through a variety of STEM themed clubs and teams, as well as integration of content into classroom curricula.

Darren Kessner, PhD (Computer Science)

Dr. Darren Kessner teaches Math and Computer Science, and serves as STEM Program Co-Head. In addition to developing the Computer Science curriculum at Marlborough, Darren works with faculty in the Math, Science, and Visual and Performing Arts departments to include computational thinking and coding in existing classes. Darren also supervises students in their research and interdisciplinary projects involving computer science and engineering.

In addition to having taught at secondary and college levels, Darren has over 20 years of experience as a software developer in various fields, including computer security, computer graphics, and computational biology. He has published several scientific papers and open source software projects, and regularly runs computer workshops for teachers and research scientists.

Andrew Witman (Robotics)

Andrew Witman is a STEM+ Co-Head at Marlborough School. His primary responsibility is overseeing Marlborough’s award winning robotics program, which includes four teams competing in the FIRST Technical Challenge. Andrew also teaches 8th grade science and computer programming classes in the Processing language. In all his classes Andrew loves incorporating creativity, iterative design, and how computer science and fabrication technology can empower students to make almost anything.

Lee Hamill, PhD (Engineering)

Dr. Lee Hamill is a science instructor at Marlborough School. In addition to teaching physics and engineering courses, Lee serves as a mentor for Marlborough’s four FTC robotics teams. She holds a PhD in Materials Science from the University of Southern California and bachelor’s degrees in Physics and Environmental Analysis & Policy from Boston University. Though Lee finds the content of what she teaches important, she is much more excited about the opportunities these courses provide for students to practice and develop their critical thinking and creative problem solving skills.

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