Pushing Perspectives: STEM in college

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On Monday, alumna Madeleine Gaw ’15, a mechanical engineering major at Brown University, came to Marlborough and gave a presentation on what’s it’s like to be a woman majoring in engineering. The presentation included many helpful tips on how to survive college from the point of a college student, including how to pick a college, what to look for in a college, what to write about in a college essay, and how to build a support system after getting to college.

She also introduced students to a program called the Society of Women Engineers, or SWE for short. Gaw chairs the section of SWE at Brown, and she also brought up the idea of creating a section of SWE Next, which is essentially SWE for high schools, at Marlborough. All in all, it was a successful talk, and we were incredibly glad to have her speak to us.

(written by Emmi ‘20)