Computer Science Education Week 2021

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Computer Science Education Week
Dec 6 - 10, 2021

Hello Marlborough community!

We have some fun events planned for Computer Science Education Week! This year we are exploring the world of Artificial Intelligence, and its effects on society.

Pushing Perspectives: What is AI and Why Should I Care?
Monday Dec 6, Flex, CEI

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is all around us, for example: recommendation systems on Netflix, targeted ads on YouTube, credit card fraud detection, facial recognition systems for tagging photos.

But what exactly is AI? Can we use AI to solve all the world’s problems? Or will we be destroyed by AI-controlled killer robots?

Dr. Kessner will give us a short introduction to AI, including its potential benefits, limitations, and dangers to society.

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Coding Workshop: Code your own AI program!
Wednesday Dec 8 (Community Day), 11:30am, SPARC D215

Ready to jump in and see how AI works firsthand? Code Violet, the Marlborough coding club, will lead students on a fun coding activity that uses AI to recognize images from your own webcam! No coding experience necessary. Bring your laptop!

photos from Ms. Meyers-Turner