Computer Science Projects 2019-20

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Our computer science students created some amazing things this year – please enjoy these video walkthroughs of their projects!

Student projects are written in the Processing and Java languages, and include video games, explorations of math, physics and art, a photo booth with image filters, and data analysis and visualization for Honors Research.

Computer Programming II (Mr.Witman)

Chrome Extension Tutorial
Isabelle ‘24

A basic chrome extension that changes your background color!

Generated Music
Lexie ‘23

A program where you can test how different melodies and beats sound layered on top of each other.

Playful Piano
Angelita ‘23

A program that allows you to add notes to a staff and hear the pitch in different keys.

Tiffany ‘23

A game similar to ‘hangman’ where you must guess a random word letter by letter.

Lily ‘23

A squid-like creation made from nested classes.

AP Computer Science (Dr. Kessner)

Space Jam
Ashira ‘20

In this game, you hurtle through space aboard a rocket, avoiding falling asteroids while attempting to save your astronaut friends along the way. You can only gain points by saving as many marooned astronauts as possible, but don’t get hit! Death and destruction are all around!

Musical Arrow Game
Leela ‘23

This program allows you to listen to and switch songs randomly. Using beat detection from the song that is playing, an arrow game will be generated with a scoring system based on how close you are to the target.

Bouncing Ball Video Game
Leah ‘22

The point of the game is to collide with as many balls as possible to win. You use your left and right arrow keys to move the bar.

Computer Hockey
Grace ‘20

This is a two player game that is similar to air hockey. You gain points by scoring in your opponent’s goal.

Flee the monster!
Katie ‘23

In this game, the goal is to avoid the monster for as long as possible. You pick up swords to fight the monster off, and you pick up waters to avoid becoming dehydrated. Your score is determined by how long you stay alive and how many stars you pick up.

Car Race
Max ‘23

In this game, two players must compete to earn the most coins while both lasting long enough to attempt at claiming the high score. Players must use speed zones and mud piles to their advantage and their opponent’s disadvantage, all while avoiding getting hit by fireballs.
Chesney ‘23

A fun game where you try to increase your size by absorbing balls smaller than you, yet still trying not to be absorbed yourself. As the levels pass, the game gets harder; more elements are added, keeping the player involved and having fun.

Honors Computer Science Projects (Dr. Kessner)

Axolotl Game
Julia ‘20 and Emmi ‘20

A compilation of minigames related to axolotls that includes an eating game and a matching game.

Star Wars Game
Brooke ‘21 and Peyton ‘20

This is a single-player shooting game where you are in the Star Wars universe and are destroying enemy ships. Use the spacebar to accelerate and the mouse to move around and to fire lasers.

Fruit Ninja
Sidney ‘21

A fun fruit ninja game with explosions and sound effects! Slice the fruit, but be careful of the bombs!

Model of Gravitational Attraction
Maisie ‘21

A 3D model of gravitational attraction that realistically demonstrates Kepler’s Laws.

Studies in Math and Computer Science
Catherine ‘20

Studies of discrete math and data structures, through coding in Python and Java.

Studies of Perlin Noise and Fractals
Nell ‘20

Investigations into the use of Perlin noise and fractals in computer graphics, using the Processing language.

Lily ‘20 and Emma ‘20

A photobooth with tons of cool interactive filters such as pixelation, black and white, thermal camera, wigs/hats, and many more!

A Data Analysis/Visualization of Registered Voters in North Carolina
Gabi ‘20

A data analysis and visualization of the North Carolina state voter file in conjunction with census data using Python and Processing’s GeoMap library.

The Honors Computer Science Projects students also created video projections for the All School Dance Concert in December.