Computer Science Projects 2020-21

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The global pandemic and lockdowns this year have shown us how essential software is to our lives.

Computer science and coding skills will only become more important in the future. Our students are the scientists and researchers who will be developing the next generation of mRNA vaccines, the next generation of video conferencing and collaboration software, and the next generation of robotic explorers of other planets.

This year’s student projects are written in the Processing, Java, and Python languages. The projects include video games, computer graphics and visual art, music visualizations, math explorations, and data analysis and visualization.


Computer Programming II (Mr. Witman)

Wyeth ‘24
A Game

Use an umbrella to protect a child moving to the rhythm of “It’s Raining Tacos” from raindroplets and falling tacos.

Emma ‘25
Keyboard With Octave Change

Press the mouse to play the keys. Use the up and down aroows to change octaves. _

Novin ‘24
Flappy Bird with pipes moing to the music

Try to move the “bird” through the game while the theme music is playing without hitting any of the moving poles.

Riley ‘25
Piano with a Pedal

Press keys on your keyboard to play certain notes on the piano! Click the up arrow to play a scale and hold space to get a stacatto sound.

Eloise ‘25
Two Player Platformer

Use arrow keys and WASD to move, jump, and shoot your opponent. Make sure not to touch the lava!

Lauren ‘23
Sound Playground that Imitates a DJ Type Setting

Uses keyboard to pause and play music. There is a visualization and the mouse can be clicked to the beat to add fireworks, and on the top left-hand corner there is a waveform that analyzes one of the songs.

AP Computer Science (Dr. Kessner)

Lexie ‘23
Mini Game

This project has a series of different mini games that are challenging and fun! Have fun playing and trying to pass all the levels!

Angelita ‘23

In this game the you must maneuver your character down a series of rising floors to avoid getting squished on the celing. In order to pass each level and win, make it to the bottom of the screen 15 times. Beware though, as the game progresses, the floors will rise faster as you go!

Julianne ‘22
Rover to Rocket

In this project, you must drive the rover to the rocket by rotating the rover and moving it forwards and backwards. Make sure to avoid the craters!

Lily ‘23

In this neon and circular version of pinball, the main goal is to achieve the highest score possible. Your score is calculated by the time spent in one of the score spots, and once the game ends, a large GAME OVER sign appears across the screen!

Eliza ‘21
Place Invaders

In this game you have to shoot the falling targets without getting hit yourself. Make sure to have good aim becuase for each bullet shot, a new target emerges.

Jocelyn ‘23
Block Breach

In this modernized game of brick breaker, the main goal is simple—control your paddle to destroy bricks with a ball. Hitting bricks will allow you to collect coins that can be used in the shop to customize your game!

Tiffany ‘23
Rocket Game
In this game, you need to collide with the stars while also avoiding the meteorites. Enjoy!

Senya ‘23
Circle Aim Trainer

In this project you must click on the circles that appear as fast as you can. If time runs out you fail, but if you click on all the circles before time runs out, you pass.

Casey ‘23
Speed Boat

This driving game requires you to take your boat from the shallows to the open sea, manuevering around the obstacles that come with each depth-zone. Stay away from rocks, sharks, and whirlpools for a full 90 seconds to win!

Layla ‘22
Wilbur’s Interactive Story

This project is a choose-your-own adventure story, where a pig named Wilbur tries to get a flower crown while traveling through a forest. This is a really fun game with a bunch of different characters, backgrounds, and situations Wilbur gets in!

Shine ‘23

This is a classic Etch-A-Sketch game where you have trouble trying to draw what you want to draw because it takes a lot of time to get the ball to go where you want it to.

Sofia ‘21
Maze Game!

This is a game where you have to navigate a maze to win! It is using two 2D arrays to create the mazes with a player and a couple game states.

Ezra ‘22
Rainbow Bubbles

Bubbles float around on the screen, and when they are hit by rain they take on the color of the rain. When a bubble is hit with a white piece of rain, the bubble will turn white untill hit with a little colorful ball which the player shoots at the bubbles. The point of the game is to keep all the bubbles colorful!

Honors Computer Science Projects (Dr. Kessner)

Brooke ‘21
Music Lines

In this project I used 3D processing and music Minim files to create a line design that pulses to music.

Maisie ‘21
Music Particles

I created a particle system with gravity that relies on the level of sound to determine the size and color of the particles!

Catherine ‘21


In this project, I used P3D and Perlin noise to create a torus floating on water.

CISLA Data Analysis

In this project, I used the Python’s panda and matplotlib libraries to create graphs and word clouds from CISLA survey responses.

Isabelle ‘21

Perlin Noise Music

I mapped perlin noise values to piano keys and played them using an AudioOutput object.

Liberty Hill Data Analysis

I analyzed and mapped data of all arrests of minors in LA County in 2019 for Liberty Hill, an organization that fights for social justice in LA.

Here is a web version of the interactive map.

Our student coding club Code Violet also created these awesome coding tutorials for CS Education Week in December 2020.