Dance concert video projections

Imagem de capa

This year’s All School Dance Concert (December 6-7, 2018), Haiku, directed by Ms. Holly Rothschild, featured interactive animations created by students in Honors Computer Science Projects, taught by Dr. Darren Kessner.

Catherine ‘20 and Kyra ‘19 wrote an animation based on a physics simulation for the piece let me stay gentle, choreographed and performed by Micah ‘21 and Cordelia ‘21. Catherine and Kyra used virtual models of springs to create a string that ripples and breaks apart.

For a piece called Overwhelmed, choreographed by Ms. Rothschild, Catherine ‘20 created an interactive particle system using a blend of math, physics, and computer science. Below is a web version of the program, which was projected on stage behind the dancers. Catherine used a Microsoft Kinect sensor to get depth information from the dancers on stage, which allowed the dancers to interact with the particle system.

Congratulations to our students on an impressive display of art and science!