2019 NCGS Conference

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Faculty members and administrators from Marlborough are participating in the 2019 National Coalition of Girls Schools Conference this week. We hosted 35 conference attendees for a pre-conference visit on Monday. In addition, several faculty members are presenting their work at the conference.

Reflections on “Resistance”: What Girls’ Education Portends for Boys, Healthy Relationships, and Education
Breakout Session, Laura Hotchkiss, with Randy-Michael Testa (Harvard Graduate School of Education)

Building a Fun and Exciting Computer Science Curriculum
Inspire Session, Dr. Darren Kessner

Marlborough Robotics and Onshape: How to Embrace CAD and Create Almost Anything
Hands-on Workshop, Andy Witman

Engineering for All: A Human-Centered Approach to Building 21st Century Skills
Hands-on Workshop, Dr. Lee Hamill, with Cheryl Farmer (Univ. of Texas)

Reinforcing our Unbreakable Commitment to Girls’ STEM Education
Hands-on Workshop, Dr. Darren Kessner, with Dr. Barbara Bell (Harpeth Hall), Dr. Barbara Fishel (Hockaday School), and Eric Walters (Marymount School NY)
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Connection, Community, and Voice: Social Justice and Digital Citizenship Breakout Session, Shauna Davis, Nikki Gomez, Pamela Wright

10 Insights in 10 Years
Breakout Session, Laura Hotchkiss, with Brad Rathgeber (One Schoolhouse), Kathryn Albee (Westover School), and Jemma Kennedy (Archer School)