Science Olympiad Regional Finals!

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With exceptional leadership from Francoise Martinetti and Emma Cruz, the Marlborough Science Olympiad Team competed in Regional Finals this weekend at Rio Hondo College in Whittier. Each duo/trio listed below self-identified areas to compete in which didn’t necessarily align with courses they have taken or any prior experience. Some chose to step outside of their comfort zone to challenge themselves, or to simply try something fun.

Working together to prepare for these testing and build events was a great experience for them. (Khanichi Charles, Science instructor)

Photos here.

Disease Detectives
Rank 9/51 teams
Francoise Martinetti and Emma Cruz

Mission Possible
Rank 26/51 teams
Catherine Or and Sofia SimonTrench

Code Busters
Rank 17/51 teams
Emma Suh, Peyton Johnson, and Megan Crawford

Anatomy & Physiology
Rank 25/51 teams
Delilah Freund and Sarah Kong