Q&A with Inventor and YouTuber Simone Giertz

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On Wednesday May 19th, Inventor and YouTuber Simone Giertz dropped in for a virtual Q&A with Robotics students and other members of the Marlborough community. Simone’s creative engineering and robotics projects have attracted nearly 2.5 million subscribers to her Youtube Channel. She is perhaps best known for her ‘Truckla’ project which converted a Tesla Model 3 into a functioning pickup truck. Simone also ran a successful kickstarter campaign to create an “Everyday Calendar” that inspires users to reinforce their daily goals.

Simone provided insightful and inspiring responses to questions on many topics including her design process, creative inspirations, product development and high school experience. Some of the key themes left with students;

From all of us at Marlborough, a huge THANK YOU to Simone for taking the time to visit with us. Please check out Simone’s Youtube Channel and everyday calendar below!

Simone’s YouTube Channel

Simone’s Every Day Calendar