STEM, now in Spanish

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The AP Spanish classes recently finished a series of presentations on recent advancements in science and technology in both the US and different Spanish-speaking countries. Students were asked to discover articles written in Spanish about their chosen topics, which ranged from plastic surgery to gene editing to global warming. They then compared how the US was addressing the topic to how Spain and other countries in Latin America were addressing it. Once they had their information, students created a presentation to give to the class, as practice for oral presentations on the actual AP exam.

STEM presentations in AP Spanish

“La ciencia y tecnologia” is one of the five possible topics on the AP exam. All the parts of the exam will fall into one of these five topics, so students spend some time focusing on each one. Because the goal of these exams is to increase proficiency in the language, the topics focus on important subjects that are crucial to conversation, from contemporary life and communities to global challenges. Because science and technology are becoming so influential in today’s world, it’s no wonder that it’s part of the exam trying to help people to work and exist in today’s world, even if all these vocabulary words can sometimes get a little jumbled- was it computadora or programa?