Robotic Surgery with Dr. Emerson

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On Wednesday, a crowd of Marlborough students was treated to a Pushing Perspectives lunch with Dr. Dominic Emerson, a cardiothoracic surgeon at Cedars Sinai. Dr. Emerson shared his journey developing and successfully undertaking the first ever robotically assisted, minimally invasive lung transplant. One highlight that resonated with the students was the use of a ‘low fidelity’ prototype to work out the surgery’s strategy. Dr. Emerson also shared his lab’s research into extending the length of time organs can survive outside of the body. This research will help expand the options for transporting and delivering organs for transplant.

It was a great privilege for the students to hear about the exciting work Dr. Emerson is doing to save lives. Thank you Dr. Emerson for sharing your incredible work and inspiring the students!

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